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The Governors Blues V2

The Governors Blues V2 is a two in one reproduction of two classic British pedals made famous in the 80’s with some new enhancements. You still have the faithful recreation of the Governor and  its high gain amp tone now with a 3 way clipping selector for more versatility. The other side is the classic blue tone which can go from a slightly pushed amp for an excellent blues or lead tone. Each side can be used individually to get two distinct sounds or used together. Now included in V2 is a flipper switch which will allow you to switch the effect order. Staying true to the original Governors Blues, V2 has the following new features.

Increased output on the blue side and more headroom

Effect order switching

Can be ran at 9V or 18V

3 way clipping selector


The Ruby Overdrive V2

Version 2 of the Ruby Overdrive is still a FET based overdrive tuned to give better, articulate response to your playing.  It can act as a boost at the end of any pedal chain or stand alone as an overdrive. Ranging from a light overdrive to a wide open, big rock amp sound, the Ruby can cover much ground in one small simple design. New features in the latest version is a two band boost/boost high low EQ and an added output stage and can be ran off of 9 or 18v center negative power supplies for increased headroom. Existing features include Input and Output controls. The input controls the amount of volume that can be used as a boost with the output controlling the gain. The tone section now has a wider sweep at lower gain ranges and its discreet circuitry and biased FET transistors make the Ruby act more like an overdrive should, light picking will clean it up and hit it hard to push it so theres no need to roll back the volume on your guitar.






The Abyssal Octave Fuzz

The Abyssal Fuzz is a faithful recreation of the classic Tone Machine that has the desired vintage fuzz tone and screeching octave up effect.  Also included is an external stomp switch to engage the octave effect replacing the toggle switch equipped on the original Tone Machine. The Abyssal fuzz also comes in a rugged enclosure with powder coated purple sparkle finish, UV printed graphics, board mounted pots, jacks and on/off switch. The Abyssal Fuzz runs off of a standard Boss/1spot adapter.  Like most fuzz pedals, it is best to place it either first in your effects chain or before any buffered pedals. Best results are before your tuner and the first pedal coming from your guitar.



The Disco Brick Phaser

The Disco Brick is an 8 stage, OTA based analog phaser based off of the old Ross 4 stage, 2 knob Orange phaser form the 80’s. The Disco Brick can go from a swirling tone to a vibrato and much more. Features and additions include the ability to toggle the speed setting with two different modes. Controls include:

Rate– Controls the overall speed of the effect in accordance with the setting on the Up/Down toggle switch.
Regen – Can go from a long phase sweep to a fast, laser like effect
Depth – Controls the Depth of the phase sweep
Recycle – Controls the frequency and after the halfway point, controls the amount of vibrato in the signal.




The Trem Broulee

The Trem Broulee  is a warm, optical tremolo similar to the old Vibro amps and a scaled down version of a popular Tremolo. The features include Width – the overall separation between the wave, Shape – from a stabbing pulse to a smoother wave shape, Speed – sets the overall speed of the effect and Depth – sets how deep you want the wavefom. There is an internal trimpot that adjusts the overall output. This may need adjustment on occasion to fine tune any volume loss or gain associated with the setting you choose.


The Kepone Driver and Kepone Driver Deluxe


The Kepone Driver (pronounced kee-pone) is an open sounding overdrive/ distortion that could cut through the band and not sound compressed. This allows the pedal to push the speaker and the preamp naturally. It can go to overdrive to heavy crunch that cleans up when the guitar volume is rolled back with a clean amp. The Kepone Driver can also send and already driven amplifier over the edge.  Included is a two-band high/low EQ that both boost the frequencies to fine tune any amplifier. The toggle switch offers a selection between regular gain and more gain with a high pass filter on lower settings. The deluxe version has a +20dB clean boost added for more firepower. The Kepone Driver is a loud, natural sounding high gain modern overdrive with big tone.

Kepone Driver Options

The Blood Orange Compressor

The Blood Orange is based off of the vintage Ross compressor with a few enhancements were added to improve performance and tone. Some of the low end was filtered out and most notably, a blend control was added. You have your standard level control which controls the output and the sustain control which will set the level of desired compression. You can go from a light press to a complete squash. The blend feature acts as a wet/dry mix to allow some of the uncompressed signal to pass through. It is also known as parallel compression and can add a sweet spot if the sustain is too much. Perfect for Telecaster style chicken pickers all the way to the heavy compressed sounds. The Blood Orange is cut and dry but a very useful “always on” effect